General conditions Welcome to the love club

General conditions of WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB


These General Conditions are intended to regulate the terms and conditions by which the store WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB, a legal person with TIN SABRINA CARDOSO COUTINHO.


The service of WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB consists of making available and providing a set of products, in order to allow the user, who is assigned the status of customer, to order and purchase online the products presented therein.


Using WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB implies full acceptance and agreement of all parameters present in the Terms and Conditions described, as well as the Privacy Policy in force at the time you access WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB.


If you do not accept, in part or in full, any of the stipulated conditions, you should not make purchases at WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB. If you access WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB, you are committing and being responsible for respecting the conditions determined on this page and in the Privacy Policy.


WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB reserves the right to update and change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. It is advisable to periodically check the Terms and Conditions for any changes or updates.



Product and pricing information


WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB informs customers about the features, descriptions, images or videos of each product and/or service on each available page. WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB is committed to making its products and/or services available clearly and to correcting possible errors that may occur as soon as possible.


Information about products, prices, content, images, videos, promotional campaigns and services may be updated and changed by WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB at any time.


Intellectual property


WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB is a registered online store, and the service provided is the responsibility of WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB.


The content, domain, information present and available on WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB are property of WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB or have been granted to it, thus being protected by copyright and related rights. Any and all use,

reproduction, copying or dissemination of visual, audiovisual or written content is subject to prior approval by WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB.


The customer undertakes to fully respect the conditions and rights referred to, as well as to refrain from acts that may go against the law and rights such as copyright, related rights, among other laws applicable to the use of images, videos, content , etc without express approval from WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUBWELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB cannot be held responsible for any misuse of such products.


Payment methods


WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB offers the following payment methods:


Credit card





After the payment is completed, {store name} will proceed with a standard verification, so that it is possible to process and ship the order. The customer will receive an email confirming that the order has been paid for, as well as the corresponding invoice.


Purchase conditions at WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB:


Product availability


All products and/or services available at WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB can be purchased, except in cases of breakage or limitation of stock, as well as products made to order, whose availability may vary. Products may be unavailable without prior notice, but in these circumstances they will be properly identified in WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB.


In case the product is no longer available after the purchase has been completed, WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB undertakes to contact the customer, by telephone or email, as soon as possible in order to expedite the process with the same.


Fees and taxes


At WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB the prices shown are in Euros, with the appropriate rates of VAT and taxes being applied in accordance with the law in force, which are already included in the price shown.

Possible duties and taxes may be imposed. "Welcome to the Love Club" does not assume responsibility for duties and taxes that may be charged in the destination country.

If the user declines to pay any import duties or taxes, resulting in the package being returned to "Welcome to the Love Club," the user will be responsible for the return costs. 


order cancellation

The customer may cancel an order placed while it is being processed. You are requested to inform WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB using the following email address:


If the cancellation request has been made after the order has been shipped, it will be forwarded for delivery and the customer may choose to refuse to accept it. WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB is not responsible for possible delays in handling order cancellations.


WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB reserves the right not to process orders or refunds in cases of data inconsistency, fraud or customer misconduct, as well as for technical reasons beyond {store name}.


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